Road Courses

This purpose-built race track here at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park contains all of the elements needed for your next event.   Our centrally located facility caters to New Product Launches, Media Launches & Events, Product Testing, HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience) and racing series.

EAST TRACK: Back in the day, the East Track was used extensively by Indy Car teams as their go-to test track.   The configuration is fast enough for an Indy Car and provides challenging elements for all types of cars, from your production Street Car to a Race-Prepared purpose built race car. This fast and long track, has good run off area, plenty of pit space and runs clockwise.

TRIVIA: Wild Horse Motorsports park was host the racing legend Aryton Senna in 1986, when Penske brought him as we believe it’s the only road course in the United States Senna ever tested on.

Organized Track Days:

ProAutoSports (East Track): Locally owned and operated, ProAutoSports has been running track events at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park since 1992.   They offer a multitude of programs for drivers of all skill levels to get their own car on track.  These programs include Beginning and Advanced High Performance Driving, Time Trials, and true Wheel-to-Wheel Racing for Open Wheel Race Cars, Closed Wheel Race Cars & Karts.

  Professionals are on hand to show you the specific techniques needed get that tail end wagging. Programs are open to drivers/drifters of all skill levels and you get ample seat time!

Managed by a team of road racers and enthusiasts, you’ll experience a very personalized and unique day at the track. Riders of all skill levels are encouraged to register for the program.

NASA – National Auto Sport Association AZ Region is a great place to drive your own car beyond the legal limits? If you’ve ever dreamed of driving your car on a *real* race track, here is your chance to do in a safe, controlled and affordable environment.   NASA makes it easy for anyone wanting to make this dream become a reality.


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