Test out your car’s jump at Friday Night Drags in Chandler on June 10

By AZ Central

The motto this Friday is “run what you brung” at the Friday Night Drags at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler. Race your car, truck or motorcycle on a world-class drag strip to see what your vehicle’s got.  Chuck Sundstrom, race director, says he sees a variety of cars come out including trucks, BMWs and Chevy Impalas. The open track is “geared toward street drags but it’s also a time where regular racers come out to test cars or practice,” Sundstrom says. “Fans can come out and drive on the same track as the big guys.”

 The races are two cars at a time going down a quarter-mile track for a flat fee, which means after one race the driver can keep getting back in line until closing.  “We get some crazy cars out here,” Sundstrom says. “We had a Bugatti come out but we had to kick him off the track.” The car was too fast and it wasn’t safe, according to Sundstrom.


Before racing, each car has to go through a safety inspection, which includes making sure wheel lug nuts are properly installed, the battery is securely mounted and seat belts are available for use.  “If you don’t pass the inspection here, you shouldn’t be driving down the freeway,” Sundstrom says.

If the car passes the inspection, the driver is given a number, which is called at random. Drivers can also request to race against a friend or family member.  As many as 200 drivers turn out when the weather is cooler, according to Sundstrom. But in warmer weather, because of lower numbers, drivers will get to take as many runs as they want.

Spectators are welcome to park in the pit area or sit in the grandstands. Food and beer concessions are open during the event.  Each driver must have a valid and current state or government-issued driver’s license and be properly attired in full-length pants, short- or long-sleeved shirt, closed-toed shoes and socks. Synthetic materials are not recommended.

Drivers of cars that run faster than 14 seconds or drivers of convertibles must wear a helmet.  In addition to the Friday Night Drags, Sundstrom says they also have Drift and Drag at the park once a month.  “It’s a sport that’s totally different than drag racing,” he says. “It’s a different crowd but we give them an easy fun place to do it.”

 According to Sundstrom, nearly 1,000 spectators come out to watch the Drift and Drag. “We are actually pulling the largest crowd anywhere in the United States right now,” he says.



Friday Night Drags

When: 6 p.m.-midnight Friday, June 10.

Where: Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, 20000 S. Maricopa Rd., Chandler.

Admission: Racers, $40; crew, $15; spectator $15; children 12 and under free.

Details: racewildhorse.net.