Is This The Greatest Motorsport Of All Time?

Raise your hand if you love sports car racing. Now raise your hand if you like stage rally. Finally, raise your hand if you’d like to see both of those forms of racing collide. Well, what if I told you that the motorsport actually exists?

You guys probably already know that it exists, but rallycross might be one of the greatest forms of motorsport known to man. Obviously, this is kind of subjective, but when you take two great forms of racing and place them together, theoretically you get an even greater motorsport, right?


Rallycross is seriously the best of both worlds; it’s (almost) everything that is awesome about motorsport. You get tight racing, dirt roosts, rubbing, tire smoke, big air jumps, screaming engines and rockstar drivers, just to name a few of its features.

I’ve been following Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) for the past two years now, and in that time I’ve captured some of my favorite shots, mostly due to the fact that the drivers do insane things on track. Of course, it helps that the top-tier Supercar class four-wheel drive machines have 600hp, are capable of going from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds, and can hit 40-plus foot jumps with ease.

After looking over my shots from the first half of the 2016 GRC season, I thought I’d put my favorite images together in one post for you guys to check out. Enjoy!



The season opener took place in Phoenix, Arizona, at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, home of the famous Bondurant Racing School.

The biggest difference this year is the arrival of Honda in the hotly-contested manufacturer’s championship.

Backed by Honda is the Olsbergs MSE team, consisting of drivers Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman, both of whom are only in their early 20s.

When I see high shutter speed images from racing, I sometimes wonder if the car is parked. I mean, 99 per cent of the time it’s of a race car at speed, but what if? When I shoot rallycross, I often try to get abnormal images with a high shutter speed, just to throw the whole ‘is that an image of a parked car?’ question out the window. It would be possible to hang this car with a good amount of fishing wire though…

I took a step back and was helping out Larry at Phoenix and I didn’t shoot too much there, so it’s onto the next race.