First ¼-Mile Passes On Day 1 Of HOT ROD Drag Weekend West 2016

By: Hot Rod Magazine

It’s day one of HOT ROD Drag Weekend West 2016 and we’ve already seen plenty of hard launches and quick passes. So far the fastest pass we’ve seen is 7.723 seconds at 179.30 mph by Clay Forrester and his 1993 Fox Body Mustang and there’s more where that came from.

Lots of other cars are running well under 11 seconds, making for an exciting day at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona. And what makes HOT ROD Drag Weekend unique is the wide range of cars competing. With more than 80 cars in 14 different classes there’s a lot of variation out here from a Nissan GT-R, to a rat rod looking Jeep, to Corvettes with huge blowers sticking out of the hood.

The platform of HOT ROD Drag Weekend West is such that it attracts cars that you might not expect at a drag strip. These cars have to drive extensive miles on the street between tracks so for once, daily-driver comforts such as A/C become a factor. So enjoy our extensive visual display of everything from LS-swapped Mazdas to bright red Gassers.